EPILDREAM is a High Power Diode Laser with a wavelength of 808 nm. It is monochromatic, coherent and unidirectional, with high brightness. It gives Excellent Permanent Progressive Epilation Results In Total Safety.

Actions and results

The Laser Epilation is based on the principle of Selective Photothermolysis, which transforms the light energy produced by the laser source into thermal energy (heat).

This results in a Strong Overheating, causing damage to the hair bulb, while totally Respecting The Surrounding Structures.

Face and body epilation treatments for men and women, to significantly reduce unwanted hair from the very first sessions.

On all phototypes

12 months a year

On tanned skin

In maximum comfort

Works quickly, even on very wide areas (e.g. female legs + groin, or male chest, back and legs) thanks to the 15 Hz speed.


Wave length: Diode 808 nm

Working method: Multi/single pulse

Operator guide/Display: 10” LCD touch screen

Spot size: 1.28 cm2

Pulse duration: From 30 to up to 300 ms in steps of 10 ms

Frequency: From1 to 15 Hz

Energy density: Max 40 J/cm2

Cooling: Cycle of internal water cooling with Chiller system
Classe laser: 4

Laser class: 4
Emission control: At microprocessor
Emission system: Pedal/button
Cooling area of the handpiece: 6 cm2



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